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All the sale models are in the Photo Gallery. You do not have to sign in. Any album with a name of a color are not for sale. Those are samples of my work. 

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Welcome to Total Image Equine. I'm Kimberly A. Bleecker and have been in this hobby since the early '70s. I have seen model horses grow into a wonderful place to see, collect and show model horses. I've been painting almost as long as I've been involved in showing/collecting them.

The mediums I use are oil paints, pastels, enamels and acrylics. Mostly I depend on the rich oils to bring them to life. It takes longer, but with the many layers of color, I get a warm "live" flesh effect.

I work in all scales. From the half inch to the larger traditional 1:9 scale. Love painting those odd colors. Grullas, dunskins. brindles, silvers, dunalinos and extreme patterns. With the more common colors, I take them to a new level with rich, deep tones and shadings.

I do take commissions and the cost depends on the scale, color & pattern. Every model is different. The cost can range from $80 and up.(not including the model). Email me with what you wanted done and I will give you the price.

Books are closed at this time.

I always have finished models available.

Check my Facebook page. I often show models coming up in different stages of painting.